Patriots To Meet Giants In Epic Super Bowl Rematch

Tom Brady dove over the pile to score the game winning TD and send the Patriots to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. Brady said after the game that he “Sucked” and that the Patriots defense won them the game. I would agree the D stepped up (specifically Sterling Moore knocking the GW Touchdown out of Lee Evans’ hands with 0:27 left & Brandon Spikes’ big pick earlier in the 4th) but Brady shouldn’t beat himself up. The iconic QB played winning football. No more, no less.

We all know Tom Brady won’t put up two bad games in a row, so the Giants better watch out on Super Bowl Sunday. Eli Manning & co. snuck past the San Francisco 49ers in Overtime to clinch the 07 Rematch. Manning looked pretty good, but he will have to be great in order to beat Brady in Indy.

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Bill Belichick was all smiles after Sunday’s game. The normally stone faced legend was overjoyed to have another shot at the Lombardi Trophy. Thanks to a pulled kick from Bill Cundiff (now the most hated man in Maryland) the Pats didn’t even need OT to seal the Super Bowl bid. An AFC Championship makes for a Happy Hoodie. Now, the NFL’s greatest mind has 2 weeks to prepare for his chance at the ultimate revenge.

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