Fun Fact: Charles Goodyear First Vulcanized Rubber In Woburn, MA

Woburn, MA 1839

Inventor Charles Goodyear sets out to solve a problem: create rubber that will not melt in high temperatures. Goodyear figures out that if he heats the mixture of rubber & sulfur with steam under pressure at the proper heat for just the right amount of time, it will create a stable, melt-proof rubber compound. He names the process “Vulcanization” after Vulcan, the Roman God of fire.

Unfortunately, Goodyear was swindled by British Businessmen and died a poor man. However, his U.S. patent allowed his family to later make a fortune and his name was adopted by several major rubber companies including The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Woburn, Massachusetts continues to be a cradle of innovation. In 2004, a little Clam with a dream founded a company dedicated to sending Wicked Pissah Stuff to Boston fans everywhere. Charlie Chowdahead and the team at still ship their Boston themed T-Shirts & novelty items from Woburn today!

You can read more about Charles Goodyear here.

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