Forget Spygate, We Have Just Uncovered The Biggest Belichickian Conspiracy Of All Time

By now you may have seen the story about Tebow calling Tom Brady a “prophet” thanks to Ian Rappaport ‘s article for the Boston Herald:

After (the NE-Denver game on Dec. 18) ended, Brady met Tim Tebow at the 50-yard line, told him good things happen to good people, and then said this: “We’ll see you again.”

I mentioned to (Tebow) what I heard on NFL Network’s Sound FX show thanks to players being mic’d up. … And he broke into a sheepish smile.

“He might’ve said something like that” Tebow said. “So I guess he’s a prophet, I don’t know.”

Given Tebow’s missionary upbringing it’s not surprising he would attribute these events to divine intervention. However, I have a more compelling, realistic theory: Kraft, Belichick and Brady are smarter than everyone else in the League. I bet Kraft has some Carmine-like software that calculates all possible playoff scenarios in real time based on input from Brady and BB. By the time the Patriots-Broncos game ended on December 18, Kraft’s computer relayed the info down to Brady’s helmet headset: You will see the Broncos again in round 2 of the playoffs.

With this priceless information, Belichick got to work. He called Penn State and gave Bill O’Brien an outstanding recommendation to ensure his departure and immediately phoned Josh McDaniels in St. Louis. “Joshy boy, it’s time to come home”

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McDaniels spent 2 years as the Broncos Head Coach,  building the foundation that holds it up today (he even drafted Tebow). Once Belichick got the cue that they would face the Broncs in a rematch he got to scheming.

How many times have you seen an Offensive coordinator leave a team to become a head coach, only to reuturn back to his OC job at the former team years later? Never. Only Belichick and the Pats could pull this off. During the freaking Bye week before the game no less. Are you kidding me?

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. The same way drafting the best QB of all time in the 6th round was “lucky”.

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