Tebow Defeats Wounded Steelers, Patriots Ready To Crush His Dreams

Like many New England fans I was rooting hard for Tim Tebow to beat the Steelers on Sunday. Partly because I like watching him play, partly because I hate the Steelers and mostly because I think the Patriots will dismantle the Broncos in the second round.

Pittsburgh would have been a scary opponent. The Steelers were one of only three teams to beat the Pats this year (they had arguably the most dominant performance against NE among the three) and their team has the tools required to upset the Pats on the road. Even a hobbling Roethlisberger (and he was HOBBLING) could put up a big score against our struggling secondary. The Patriots already showed they can corral Tebow enough to beat the Broncs – and instead of playing in hostile Denver at high altitude the All-American boy/Missionary/QB will walk into Kraft’s Castle to face off against the best team in the AFC.

It was fun to root for Tebow because you hate to see  Roethlisberger win anything and Steelers fans may be the most obnoxious in American sports (I like to picture thousands of them currently wiping their tears with terrible towels). However, Tebow time will yet again come to an end against the Patriots next week. Tom Brady will make it rain on Denver and Tebow simply won’t be able to keep up. Big Ben could hardly walk and the Broncs barely squeeked by in overtime. Imagine what will happen against a rested Brady with Josh McDaniels freshly imported to revive the greatest offense of all time. Not to mention the fact that McDaniels built the foundation of this Denver team during his tenure there as Head Coach. This one is going to be a blowout, folks. If I were a gambling man, I’d lay down my mortgage on the Pats in this one. So congrats to Tebow, I truly do respect and even like him as a player, and it was adorable to see squeeky clean Timmy go out there and stick it to the arrogant Roethlisbeger, but the party is over next Saturday when the Broncos arrive in New England.

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