SHOCKING: Belichick Lied About Brady On Injury Report



Tom Brady missed his second strait practice Thursday with a left shoulder injury. The Patriots classified Brady’s absence at Wednesday’s practice as “Non-Injury related” but reports have trickled out suggesting Brady has a separated left shoulder. The QB is projected to play in the Patriots’ final regular season game against the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, so apparently the injury is not too severe.

No shocker here: Belichick’s injury reports are always closer to farce than fact. The Hoodie has been doing this for decades. He’s not going to give the media ANYTHING…EVER.  Personally, I enjoy listening to reporters and pundits whine about Belichick’s phony injury reports and stuffy press conferences. He’s just THAT much smarter than those microphone wielding leeches. Expect Brady to play and play well on Sunday. And expect Belichick to pump out another fake injury report before their first game of the playoffs.

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