Celtics Lose To Heat, But No Need To Panic

Rookie Norris Cole hit 2 clutch jump shots to ruin the Celtics fourth quarter comeback against the Heat on Tuesday night. Boston managed to come back from a 20 point third quarter deficit only to have their hopes crushed by Cole. Despite opening the season with 2 losses, the Celtics have shown signs of strength, going down to the wire against 2 of the East’s best teams without Paul Pierce. Losing hurts, but it’s tough to beat the Knicks and Heat without arguably your most important player. Don’t hit hte panic button yet, The Truth looks to return for the Home opener against Detroit on Friday.

Even if PP 34 does not take the floor on Friday, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Pierce participated in pre-game warm ups and dunked the ball several times, so his injury appears to be OK … he just isn’t in NBA shape yet after missing all of camp. The Celtics are not going to put too much strain on any of their aging Vets, as they will need to save whatever is left in the tank for one final postseason run.

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