Belichick Speech Inspired Players At Halftime, Led To Comeback

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After receiving a last minute offer for free tickets to the Pats game on Christmas Eve, I made my way down to Gillette Stadium: only to arrive during the halftime of horrors. No matter how many times I blinked, squinted and refreshed the page on my smartphone it kept telling me the Dolphins were up 17-0.

And yet, I wasn’t worried. I jabbed my buddy in the ribs and said “17 points is nothing for this offense. I bet Belichick is in there laying out the plans for the comeback right now”

The Patriots came out and scored 27 unanswered points en route to a 27-24 victory.

Post-game reports verified my intuition.

According to Jerod Mayo, the Hoodie reamed out the team at halftime, letting loose an expletive laden rant that both criticized and inspired the Pats. Mayo couldn’t even summarize the speech because it was so vulgar “I’m not even going to censor it. Too many bleeps. But just know, we needed to come out and play better.” When I saw the article attributing the Pats comeback to “Belichick’s halftime tongue-lashing”, I smiled. Of course the Hoodie made the necessary adjustments to right the ship. Seems like he always does. I’m honored that my team is led by the greatest football coach of our time. Hopefully this is the year Belichick fills up that fist with a fourth Superbowl ring.

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