Tom Brady Reminds Everyone That He’s Better Than Tebow As Pats Destroy Broncos

Tom Brady threw for 320 yards and 2 TDs, adding a rushing Touchdown to lead the Patriots to a 41-23 victory over the Denver Tebows on Sunday. Tebow and running back Lance Ball (yes, Tebow has teammates, sometimes referred to as the Broncos) carved up the Pats D in the first half, giving Patriots fans a scare. But after falling behind 16-7 the Pats rallied midway through the second quarter and never looked back.

Aaron Hernandez had a breakout game catching 9 passes for 129 yards and a Touchdown. Hernandez probably caught a second TD, but Belichick withheld the challenge flag and elected to boot a field goal for easy points instead. The former Tebow teammate had arguably the best game of his young career, torching the Broncos’ defenders with precision routes supplied by Billy O’Brien’s brilliant game-plan.

Rob Gronkowski failed to find the end zone for what seemed like the first time ever, but Brady made sure the Broncs got Gronk’d…Tommy came through with a vicious spike after his rushing Touchdown to the delight of Gronk Nation. Gronk was still able to contribute, as the 6’7 Gronkster broke Champ Bailey’s ankles during a 38 yard catch & run.

After all the hype, it was comforting to see the superior team win this one. Coming in, the Tebow talk was reaching a painful level of intensity, only to be silenced by a much better New England team. The Pats D was able to rattle Tebow, causing him to fumble twice during key situations. Tebow’s lack of turnovers has been the secret to his success all season, so those crucial plays seemed to shatter the electric QB’s confidence. Bill Belichick’s schemes proved too much for Tebow, as the former Florida Gator got sacked for almost a 40 yard loss in the 4th quarter – a symbolic play to clinch Sunday’s game.

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The Pats are now 11-3 in control of the AFC, rooting for 10-3 Pittsburgh to lose the the 49ers on Monday Night football. The Steelers beat the Patriots, so New England fans need the to stumble in order for the Pats to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The last few weeks of the NFL season shoud be pretty interesting, as the Patriots look poised to make a run at a 4th Superbowl title

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