Edelman Cleared Of Assault Charges, Ready To Help Pats Take Down Tebow

Indecent assault charges against Patriots WR Julian Edelman have been dropped after a Halloween nightclub incident had jeopardized his future with the team. Edelman was accused of inappropriately touching a woman in the club, leading many to believe his time with the Patriots would be over. But the surveillance video from the club revealed that the “incident” was blown way out of proportion. Now that the charges have been dropped, Edelman said he is “just looking forward to focusing on football.”

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Belichick must have known these charges were bogus all along otherwise he would not have put Edelman in the spotlight during such a sticky situation. The Hoodie knows all, folks. Luckily this off-field distraction has been cleared up right before arguably the biggest game of the regular season, as the Pats have a chance to clinch the AFC East with a win over the Denver Tim Tebows on Sunday.

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