Valentine Lures Ortiz, Hates The Yankees

“Take THAT Yankees”

So far Bobby Valentine has accomplished 2 things as the Red Sox manager: he flew to the Dominican Republic and convinced David Ortiz to re-sign with the Sox, and he publicly declared that he hates the Yankees. Not a bad start, Bobby.

Valentine may or may not have been a heavy influence on Ortiz… but the timing of his visit followed closely by Papi’s agreement to sign suggests the Sox new manager at least made David feel comfortable about the direction the team is going.

When questioned about the Yankees at baseball’s winter meetings, Valentine declared “I hate the Yankees” and brushed them off so as not to waste “valuable time” talking about Boston’s arch-rival. Bobby V’s history with the Mets gives some legitimacy to that statement, which otherwise may seem like a media ploy. Even if Valentine is just playing it up for the cameras, that’s fine by me. The Red Sox need a media wizard right now after the worst PR debacle in franchise history occurred in 2011. It’s early yet, but so far I’d say Bobby Valentine is doing a fine job as the Red Sox manager.

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