Bruins Beat Up Pens

As if the 13-0-1 streak wasn’t enough to prove Boston’s superiority in the Eastern Conference, the Bruins made it 14-0-1 by defeating the Penguins 3-1 in Pittsburgh on Monday night. Coming into this game, the Penguins looked like Boston’s premier conference competition, especially with a healthy Sidney Crosby in the mix. But the Bruins dominated the wannabe black and gold team (Does it bother anyone else that the Penguins stole the Bruins’ colors?) throughout all 3 periods. Boston played tough as usual, with Brad Marshand and Gregory Campbell mixing it up and bullying the Pens at key moments. Tim Thomas made 43 saves (season high) allowing just 1 goal. The only time the Pens beat Timmy was midway through the 3rd when the B’s were already coasting; up 3-0 after goals from Campbell, Tyler Seguin and Benoit Pouliot. Somehow Thomas has managed to keep par with – if not improve upon – his mythic season of last year. After being named the NHL’s first star in the month of November, Boston’s legendary goaltender could be on track to win his third Vezina trophy. Pretty impressive given the fact the he’s sharing starts with Tuukka Rask. Remember a year and a half ago when Tim Thomas was supposed to get traded? Thankfully, he didn’t. And now the Bruins look like they’re the best team in hockey and the favorite to win a second strait Stanley Cup.

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