Chris Paul To Celtics: Ainge’s Blueprint For The Future Or Impossible Dream?

A Rondo for Chris Paul deal could be the perfect move for the Celtics. Paul does most of the things Rondo does: passes well and uses creativity to create looks for other guys, plays good D and steals the ball…the difference is that CP3 can score. A lot. He can even shoot – unlike Rondo – not only from mid-range but from beyond the arc as well. Paul could be the perfect piece to fill out the Big 4 with Pierce, Allen and KG to make one last run at a title this year. As an added bonus, Chris Paul is best buds with Dwight Howard, who becomes a Free Agent after this year. If the Celtics land Paul, he may be able to lure Howard to Boston. Talk about the team of the future.

The problem is the deal may be impossible. Rumors indicate Paul does not want to sign an extension with the Celtics, meaning Boston would give up Rondo to have CP3 for one year. Not practical. It could be spectacular to steal Chris Paul for the current team and for future plans, but whether or not it’s even possible remains to be seen. Hopefully Paul just has a good agent nudging him to say he won’t sign in order to hold out for more money from the Celtics.

Even if the deal does flop, we still have Rajon Rondo… one of the best point guards in the NBA. I’d say it’s a pretty good time to be a Celtics fan.

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