And Then There Were Two: Red Sox Manager Search Narrows

Red Sox Nation, I know your patience is running thin. At this point, you probably wake up every day and race to the computer or TV to see: “Did the Red Sox hire a manager yet!?” As of today they have narrowed the search down to 2 candidates: Bobby Valentine and Gene Lamont.

While most Sox fans are probably screaming “JUST HIRE A MANAGER ALREADY!” we need to remember to keep calm. Selecting the new manager could be the most important decision our beloved baseball team has to make this decade. Barring some kind of freak occurrence, the manager they hire will reign over the team for a bare minimum of 2 seasons and probably much longer… so this is nothing to rush into.

Valentine and Lamont both have ample Big League experience, so Red Sox fans should know that whoever we get will be able to come in and implement a new culture right away. It comes down to whoever Ben Cherington and the Red Sox owners feel is the right fit. Valentine has the big personality to work in Boston, but don’t overlook Lamont – who was named AL Manager of the Year in 1993. Either way, the Red Sox are getting a proven manager the should command the respect of the players. So try be patient Sox fans… good news should be coming soon.

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