The B’s Are So Hot It’s Amazing The Ice Can Stay Frozen Underneath Them

Tim Thomas recorded another shutout as the Bruins finally beat the hated Canadiens 1-0 in Montreal on Monday night. Boston dropped 2 strait games against Montreal earlier this year, so this was a serious statement game for the B’s.

Andrew Ference scored the lone goal of the night to keep the Bruins rolling (make that 9 strait wins). To really get an understanding of what the B’s are doing right now, check out this visualization of Boston’s 2011 schedule so far courtesy of

That row of green W’s that takes up the second half of the picture looks a little absurd, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. After a shaky start that had Boston fans bummed, the Bruins have been untouchable in the month of November. After the 3-7 start it looked like last year’s Champs might not even make the playoffs. But now it seems like this year’s squad might be even better than last year’s Stanley Cup winning unit. While it’s way too early to predict another Cup run, Boston fans will most likely watching the Black and Gold in the Postseason again this year. And if they keep playing like this, who knows? We could be rooting for a repeat after all….

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