MLB Agrees On New CBA. New Rules Will Benefit Red Sox.

The MLB has reportedly reached an agreement on a new CBA that will take them through the 2016 season. The deal has not yet been signed, but all reports indicate it is done. Baseball players and owners must be laughing at their Basketball brethren who are losing millions trying to negotiate a deal during a time when they should be playing games and making millions.

I’ve never been a big Bud Selig fan, but if this agreement does become official soon I will have to tip my hat to him. Baseball will go on without missing a beat…and it looks like the new CBA features some changes that will make the game better.

The Astros will move to the American League so that both Leagues will have 15 teams. Also, another Wild Card spot will be added. This is HUGE for the Red Sox, who compete with the Evil Yankee Empire for the Division every season. With 2 extra spots instead of just 1, the Red Sox should have a great chance to make the Postseason every year. It seems especially significant after a heartbreaking season where Boston missed a Wild Card berth by one freakin game. Too bad this change didn’t come one year sooner. At least baseball is safe. I don’t know if I could handle another Lockout saga clogging up my Sportscenter broadcasts.

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