Are The Cubs Ripping Off The Red Sox?

The Chicago Cubs have reportedly made an offer to Dale Sveum, the man who was considered to be the favorite for the Red Sox Managerial job. Sveum met with the Sox on Wednesday afternoon. By Wednesday night he had received an offer from Chicago.

First our GM and now our new manager? The Cubs must have some sort of  envious curse-breaking grudge toward the Red Sox. They essentially stole Theo Epstein away  (as of Thursday afternoon no compensation deal for the move has been reached) and now Theo’s new team is poaching our Managerial candidates? I understand the Cubbies are bitter because we broke the Curse of the Bambino and they still have the Billy Goat nonsense hanging over them but this is just downright mean. What did we ever do to them?

It’s important to note that the Sox did NOT make an offer to Sveum on Wednesday so perhaps Ben Cherington and the Sox are focusing on other candidates like Gene Lamont and Sandy Alomar Jr. Let’s hope the Red Sox hire a manager soon and get the organization back on track before the Cubs steal any more of their personnel!

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