Theo Deal Finalized. Lackey Gone Too?




The Red Sox and Cubs have supposedly agreed to terms on a deal to send Boston GM Theo Epstein to Chicago after weeks of speculation and rumor. Reports say the Red Sox initially targeted Matt Garza and attempted to ship John lackey to Chi-Town too, but now it seems they will have to settle for far less. The deal allegedly includes Minor League Prospects and cash. Plus, Epstein may take a high ranking member of the Sox front office with him. It’s a shame the Red Sox couldn’t cash in on this deal and solve their biggest problems all at once: getting rid of John Lackey…and finding someone to fill his spot in the rotation. Although it didn’t work out perfectly for Boston, the organization is still making much needed progress.

Mouth breathing villain John Lackey may be headed to San Diego. Rumors indicate the Padres would make a trade for him as long as the Red Sox eat most of his contract. If they can find a compromise that dumps an acceptable amount of Lackey’s money on the Padres’ shoulders, and we get some fresh prospects from Chicago to fill our thinning Minor League system, that would be a pretty solid start to the off-season. The World Series just began, so assumed new GM Ben Cherington will have plenty of time to find another pitcher. 

Specific details of the Epstein deal should be released later today, so we will have them as soon as that information comes out. Let’s pray that we also have a deal for Lackey to report sometime soon.

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