So Long, Theo

Theo Epstein’s days in Boston appear to be done. The Boston Herald is reporting that Theo will be headed to Chicago and we should hear an official announcement before week’s end.

The question now is what will the Red Sox get in return? Theo is under contract for one more year so the Cubs will have to fork over some type of compensation to the Sox in exchange for their new GM.

The Red Sox need starting pitching, so disgruntled fire-baller Carlos Zambrano is a possible player that could be moved. However, Zambrano is a notorious hot-head and the Red Sox are trying to clean up their clubhouse, not add more drama to the situation. The deal could simply involve cash, but no one really knows. The only thing that looks certain is that Theo is gone. Next year’s Red Sox team will have quite a few challenges with a new Manager and GM, but maybe this shake-up is exactly what the organization needs after the unacceptable end to the 2011 campaign.

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