Details of Theo Move Revealed

Theo Epstein is set to become the President & GM of the Chicago Cubs. A deal could be announced in the next 24 hours, the details of which are trickling out right now. Theo will get $15-$20 million for a 5 year deal.

The Red Sox will receive prospects and cash as compensation, since Theo is still under contract. Red Sox Assistant GM Ben Cherington seems to be in line for Theo’s job, which would minimize the chaos of the Sox regime change. The departure of  both Terry Francona  and Epstein makes this a tumultuous off-season in Boston, so a smooth internal transition would be a welcome solution for the GM vacancy.

There is still a long shot chance that Theo will change his mind and stay with the Red Sox, but that’s highly unlikely. Don’t get too down, Red Sox Nation. While most of us are sad to see Theo go, it’s important to keep a realist perspective. He was here for 10 years, broke the Curse and brought a new era of success to Boston. Epstein is moving on to a new challenge, and the Red Sox are cleaning house to wash away the stains of 2011 and start fresh in 2012.

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