Stanley Cup Hangover Haunts Bruins

The Bruins seem to have fallen victim to the infamous Stanley Cup Hangover, losing 2 out of their first 3 games including a heartbreaking  1-0 defeat against the Avalanche at TD Garden on Monday.

The B’s raised their Beautiful Championship Banner in Boston last Thursday only to start the season with a loss to Philadelphia. They bounced back two days later against Tampa Bay, but the Bruins were unable to build any momentum from their 4-1 Win over the Lightning. Boston fell to Colorado at Home on Monday after they couldn’t score a goal against Semyon Varlamov. Varlamov made 30 saves for the shutout win against the defending Cup Champs, while Tuukka Rask stopped 35 of 36 shots on the Boston goal. The gutsy performance from Tuukka was wasted by the Bruins skaters…You can’t win the game if you don’t score.

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If nothing else, Tuukka probably earned himself some more playing time. We’ve said all along that Timmy and Tuuk would probably split duties in net this year, and today’s strong showing from Rask makes this all the more likely.

Cycling the two Ace Goalies will keep both of them fresh, especially the elder Thomas, whom the B’s will need in top form if they want to make another run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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The B’s start has been less than ideal. But before Boston fans panic, they need to recall the Bruins’ outlandish off-season and realize that a Stanley Cup hangover was inevitable. They drank over $100,000 worth of alcohol in one night, so imagine the toll of an entire Summer of celebration. But don’t fret about Boston’s sloppy start. This team is built for success, so we’ve got to give them time to sweat out the hangover and find their stride again.

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