Haynesworth Ready To Show Why He’s A Patriot

Another brilliant Belichickian plan will come to fruition today as Albert Haynesworth is set to play against the Jets. We all know Belichick has been plotting for this day ever since that gruesome loss to the Jets in last year’s playoffs. Haynesworth has seen very limited action throughout training camp and the regular season… and then POOF, he’s magically ready to go against the Jets. No way in hell that’s a coincidence.

Haynesworth was brought to New England for this game.

Even if he only plays 1/4 of the Defensive snaps, I bet he makes a big impact. Belichick probably has a “Fat Albert” play drawn up; stunt Wilfork and send Haynesworth through the middle to break Mark Sanchez in half. The Patriots secondary has been shoddy all year, but If the big boys up front get to Sanchez early and often, he’ll fold up like a chair. Albert’s impact will probably be even bigger against the run, where his huge frame fills up gaps and occupies multiple blockers. It’s time for the self-proclaimed “Sleeping Giant” to awake: Today, Haynesworth will show Patriot Nation why Belichick brought him here.

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