Wonderful Welker Faces Year’s Biggest Challenge

The NFL’s leading Receiver goes head to head against the League’s best shutdown Corner tomorrow at Gillette Stadium. Wes Welker has leads the NFL with 40 receptions and 616 yards. He is tied for second in Touchdowns (5) along with teammate Rob Gronkowski. So far this season, Welker has run rampant against clueless Defenses who can’t seem to find any way to cover him.

On Sunday, Welker will face his biggest test of the season as the Jets are expected to place Darrelle Revis in one-on-one coverage against Welker in the slot. This should be the quintessential matchup of the day as Tom Brady’s favorite weapon duels against the crown jewel of Rex Ryan’s Defense.

Much as I despise the Jets, you have to respect Revis and his abilities. He’s probably the only player in the League that has a chance of defending Welker. But the way Brady and Welker have been jelling this season it’s tough to picture anyone (even Revis) shutting down number 83 in the slot.

Get The Brady To Welker Tee

This has got to be priority number 1 in foot freak’s gameplan, so we’ll see what kind of looks we get from Rex Ryan’s D. If he does put Revis on Welker all day, the showdown between those two superstars may very well dictate who wins Sunday’s Rivalry Game.

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