Rays Waste Stolen Opportunity, Get Knocked Out of Playoffs

The Rays were knocked out of the playoffs last night, falling to the Rangers 3 games to 1 becoming the first team to be eliminated from Postseason contention. I get that it’s a “feel good” story when a team with a tiny payroll beats out the big dog for a playoff spot… but the Rays are just a waste of space in the Postseason. There are probably 4 or 5 Cowbell Ringing Idiots in Tampa Bay that are actually upset about last night’s loss, but generally speaking almost no one in Florida gives a damn whether they win or lose.

This Is What A “Packed House” Looks Like At Tropicana Field

Their fans don’t care and their players never perform in October; all they’re doing is filling up a valuable playoff spot that should be filled by the Red Sox.  I’m having flashbacks to ’09 when the Rays beat the Sox in the ALCS only to drop a stinkbomb during the World Series. If you’re going to knock out my beloved Red Sox, you better at least do something with our spot. Freakin Rays.

Now That’s What A Real Ballpark Looks Like

A lot of people will say “The Red Sox wouldn’t have gone far in the playoffs this year either”. But that’s crap…no one knows how they would have done. The Rays came in following the Hottest streak imaginable and they flopped out in 4 games. If the stumbling Red Sox had gotten in, regrouped and played playoff-intensity baseball they could have won more than 1 friggin game. At the very least, a Nation of fans that truly care would have seen their squad in the Playoffs. The Rays robbed us of magical October Fenway nights just so a couple Cowbell Ringers could watch them choke in their dumpy dome.

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