Should The Red Sox Extend Epstein?

There are rumors swirling in the baseball world indicating that Theo Epstein could easily get a long term deal worth $5 million plus per season if he did choose to go to another team. The big news you’ve all heard is that the Chicago Cubs are after Theo. Obviously the opportunity to tackle baseball’s second most notorious curse is a rare and tempting one for Epstein. But any number of clubs would shell out serious cash for a GM with Theo’s pedigree.

Epstein is entering his 10th year with the Red Sox, the final season of his most recent contract signed in 2006. Theo makes about $1.5 mil a year with the Sox, so they would need to cough up some more dough to keep him in Boston after next year, if he even wants to stay at Fenway. The one compelling reason for Epstein to stay with the Sox would be to clean up the mess he created. After arguably the most high profile off-season in team history, the Star-Studded Sox limped their way through September and missed the post-season: a less-than-ideal end to the Epstein era in Boston. If Theo is truly concerned about his legacy he may be better served to correct the Red Sox flaws rather than flee to Chicago. No one is quite sure how this saga will end, but as a Sox fan I’d like to see Theo fix this disaster, since his decisions got us to where we are now. Should the Red Sox offer him a lucrative extension to get the team back on track? Or do fans want to see new blood in Beantown?

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