Do You Know Where The Term “Chowdahead” Comes From?

Back in the day, New England eateries would make a large batch of Clam Chowder and freeze it to preserve the seafood soup. Prior to freezing, they inserted a rope in the middle of the vat, so when it hardened they would hang the block of Chowder from the ceiling. When someone asked for Clam chowder, they could conveniently chip off a chunk from the hanging frozen block and re-heat it before serving. After awhile the block began to take on a round, head-like shape.

Today, the term is typically used for someone who has all the characteristics of a true New Englander. It is also used to describe a Diehard Boston Sports Fan.  We’re proud of the origin of our company name, and all you Chowdaheadz out there should be too!

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