And It All Comes Down To This

After 161 Games, the Red Sox and Rays are dead even. A normal person would think the Wild Card race would have been decided by now, but we’re not normal people: we’re Red Sox fans.

If you’re a member of Red Sox Nation today should be the most exciting day of the year.

Boston has walked the line between World Series favorite and worst disappointment ever. But that’s what baseball is all about. If the team that looks best on paper automatically won every year, the Sox wouldn’t have fought tooth and nail chasing the Yankees for generations. Now, the Red Sox stand as the overpaid super team running from the pesky overachievers. If you’re a true Sox fan this shouldn’t change your mentality one bit.

Nothing comes easy in sport…that’s why we watch. It wouldn’t be very fun if the winner was decided before the season began. So while the pundits whine about the “epic collapse” I’m sitting patiently with my Sox on and my Rally Cap ready for tonight. Game 162. Win and survive another day. And should the Rays choke, a W tonight wipes the slate clean heading into October. Get excited Red Sox Nation. Days like this are what we live for.

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