Fighting For Their Life, The Red Sox Face a Fitting Opponent

The Red Sox are scrapping to get into the Post-Season, clinging to a 2 game lead over the Rays with 6 games left to play. Thankfully, the Angels lost last night, which makes them a long shot in the Wild Card race.  It’s only fitting that the Sox must face the Yankees for half of these final regular season contests. The Rays won yesterday to keep pressure on the Red Sox, so Boston needs to pick up a couple win in the Bronx to keep Tampa at Bay. The Yankees have already clinched the Division (ugh) so hopefully they lay down and take a beating from the BoSox.

Red Sox Yankees Brawl Photo

Red Sox Nation has been hyperventilating all month, watching the team lose game after game behind shaky starting pitching. But, as of right now the Red Sox have an 88.9% chance of making the Playoffs, so things aren’t as bad as they seem. Keep believing, Red Sox Fans. Support the Sox during Rivalry weekend, they need us now more than ever!

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