The Boston Bruins Set To Repeat

Can you believe that the start of the NHL regular season is right around the corner?  It seems like yesterday we were all rocking our black & gold apparel during one of the most exciting playoff runs in Boston sports history (all of sports for that matter).  So the 2011-2012 campaign to repeat begins in just a few weeks and I am as pumped as I have ever been for an NHL season.  I don’t think there will be the typical hangover that some teams experience after a championship. By hangover I mean a general lack of interest in the regular season.  This Bruins team just has too much personality to develop and fans have already built fandom relationships with the individual players.  Hockey is also too damn exciting to ignore the regular season.  The Bruins are up there with a handful of teams as the odds on favorites to win it all again.  How much fun would it be if the road to Lord Stanley’s cup takes us through Vancouver again?  It all kicks off on 10/6 against the flyers!

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