Bruins Sign Little Psycho

The Bruins re-signed Brad Marchand aka March-mont aka the Little Psycho to a 2-Year Deal worth $5 million. I was wondering why they wouldn’t ink him for longer, until a fellow Chowdahead reminded me that he is less likely to get black out drunk and take his shirt off in public every night if the clock is ticking on his contract.

If you give this guy a cushy long term deal there’s no telling what he might do.

Not that the Chowdaheadz care, we understand hockey players like to drink and have a good time..especially after bringing the Stanley Cup back to Boston.

Besides, Marchand’s “Do What Want” attitude is absolutely badass.


Hey Brad, why’d you punch Daniel Sedin in the face 85 times on that play?

“Cause I felt like it”

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The biggest reason for the short deal is that the NHL CBA is set to expire in less than a year. So it’d be silly for Boston to give him a long term contract when they don’t know what the NHL will look like a 12 months.

Seems like the Bruins got a pretty good deal, only dishing out $2.5 mil a year to one of the most impactful players on their Stanley Cup winning roster.

March-mont is the most fun player to watch in the NHL, so Bruins fans are pumped to see him back in Black & Gold for a repeat run. We Got The Cup, now let’s keep it in Boston!

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