Love On The Monster For A Fellow Chowdahead!

Andrew & Lauren Met On The Green Monster

Love happens when you least expect it. I went to a Red Sox game, April
13 four years ago and met the love of my life. I didn’t know that he
was the one at the time. All I knew was that he was blocking my view
and the Red Sox vs. Yankees game was tied 2-2. I went up to him, stood
on my tip toes and tapped him on the shoulder to tell him that he was
blocking my view (he’s 6’7”.) He turned, looked at me, smiled and had
me scoot in with him so that I could see the game. He was the strong
silent type so I had to make the first move. I asked him about where
he was from and why he was wearing my birthday on his wrist. He had a
silver band on his wrist with the date January 22, 2007. I think he
was a little taken aback by the fact that I noticed the bracelet, but
he went on about how he was from a farm town in Illinois and had just
got stationed here from Alaska and already hated the city. I bet him
right then and there that I could change his mind and asked to buy him
a beer. He laughed and said “I’m already sold.” We talked for a while
about what he did for the Air Force.

Something about that conversation that made me realize he was the one.
I don’t know if it was the twinkle in his eyes when he talked about
his work with the K-9 section, or how his face softened when he talked
about his troops but all I knew was that I was sold too. Andy has not
only become my best friend he’s become my hero. Andy has spent 14
years in the service and I have never met anyone more proud to serve
his country. When he talks about his career in the military he gets
that same twinkle in his eyes that I saw four years ago. He has worked
with the military working dog section for the past 10 years and
strives to make a difference in the lives of his troops. He has worked
from the bottom and climbed to the top. Now he is the Kennel Master at
Hanscom Airforce Base. He believes if he can train these guys to the
best of his and their abilities they will save the lives of many
soldiers fighting for our freedom. In January 2007, Andy’s best friend
and Kennel Master was killed in Iraq and from that point on he has
taken the good with the bad and promised to be the Kennel Master that
Jason once was. He strives for greatness in everything that he does
and emulates everything that a solider should be. We had to postpone
our September wedding because he is currently serving in Afghanistan
and is due back in October. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this
more than this solider.

Andrew & Lauren are in a contest to win a free wedding from Fox 25! 

They must get enough votes from our fellow Chowdaheadz. You can vote below:

People can vote for Andrew & Lauren once a day VIA 
or via facebook after liking the fox25 news page once you get on the
fox25 page it will allow you to click on our name to vote! Thanks
everyone in advance would truly love to make this happen it would be a
wedding to remember!
Military Wedding to Remember

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