It’s Almost Here: Patriots One Step Closer

The Patriots had their way with the Bucs last night.  The final score was 31-14 but it wasn’t even that close.  Belichick kept the starters in through the first half, which they left the game leading 28-0. Brady had a great night throwing for 189 yards  and two touchdowns. In true Patriot fashion Brady spread the ball out amongst the receivers. Welker had a nice day with 5 catches followed by Hernandez with three. What was really impressive was their run game.

Woody and The Law Firm combined for over a hundred yards. Stevan Ridley is really beginning to make a name for himself running for over 80 yards and picking up 27 through the air. Keep an eye on Ridley, he may become an integral part of the offense.

It looks like this Patriot offense could be the deadliest in the league.

The starting D remained solid through the first half, shutting out the Bucs. Even with the absence of Haynesworth the line looked really impressive. They completely shut down Blount and anyone else the Bucs tried sending through them.

The secondary looked fantastic, repelling almost every attempt by Freeman.

We finally got to see a glimpse of the Tom and Chad show, Ochocinco scored the first touchdown on an 8 yard throw.

Overall the team looked pretty good, but there is still definitely some room for work. Ochocinco needs to tighten up his routes. It seems like he’s still a little unfamiliar with the Pats’ passing tree, but I’m sure it will come with time. Lets not forget that they missed most of the off season and he just got here 3 weeks ago. It looks like some of the guys are still shaking off the Lockout rust, but promising play by the starters signifies one step closer to the regular season.  And hopefully one step closer the the Lombardi Trophy.

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