Pats Bring In Big Name Vets

After acquiring Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth, most  of us thought the Hoodie was finished with his major Off-Season moves.  Today, a rival NFL executive who claims to have knowledge of how the Patriots operate suggested that Belichick will release both Ochocino and Haynesworth before the Season opener.  I think this is ludicrous, but anything is possible with the Hoodie.  He did release Lawyer Milloy after a Superbowl Season, and already cut Ty Warren this summer.

Regardles of the fate of those two players, it appears Belichick may add one or two more big name Vets before it’s all said and done.  Wide Receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh, a former teammate of Ochocinco, worked out with the Pats today, as did Safety Darren Sharper.

The Patriots are pretty deep at WR with a dept chart that includes names like Branch, Welker, Ochocinco, Edelman and Price.  However, Houshmandzadeh could possibly steal a roster spot from a young guy like Buddy Farnham.

The Darren Sharper tryout is a little more interesting.  With questions about the play of “Big Bang Clock” Brandon Meriweather and the health of James Sanders, don’t be surprised if Belichick brings on a ball-hawk like Sharper.  Sharper has a Superbowl ring and a fantastic reputation, so even at his age (35) he may be able to contribute, if not offer some instruction to younger Safeties on the squad.

The Pats play their 2nd Pre-Season Game on Thursday night against the Bucs in Tampa.  Look for some of the Starters to get some action after nearly all of them sat out last week.  And who knows, you might see a new face or two on the sideline.

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