Give Up, Media. The Hoodie Doesn’t Care About You (And Neither Do I)

There are only 3 certainties in life: Death, Taxes and Bill Belichick stoning the Media.
Albert Haynesworth missed practice again yesterday (4th day in a row) as did new signee Shaun Ellis.  When asked why they were not on the field,  The Hoodie simply said they were “Day to Day”.  Reporters prodded him more about Haynesworth, but Belichick continued to poo-poo them, simply saying Haynesworth was “receiving treatment”.

In Bill We Trust

I love it.  The Media in this town has gotten too big for their britches.  These leeches think they are so important and that everyone needs to answer their silly questions “Why won’t Belichick talk to us wahhh” Yeah yeah, cry about it.  Maybe the reason he won’t talk to you is because you hang on every word Athletes and Coaches say waiting for any mistake you can use to rip them to shreds in your headlines.

Sorry, Media – Belichick is way, way smarter than you.

The Press can whine all they want, but I don’t care about your stupid stories.  I don’t even want to know what’s wrong with Haynesworth, because if I know then opposing teams know.  Do these selfish idiots not understand that if the Press publishes something EVERYONE  in the League sees it?  This is Football, you can’t let your opponent know your weaknesses.

In the Social Media age, it seems like you can’t take a breath without the world knowing about it, so if  Belichick is still keeping secrets in 2011 then more power to him. If you haven’t cracked The Hoodie by now, you might as well give up.  His players’ actions on the field speak for him.  Belichick doesn’t have time for your Media gossip because he’s too busy winning Football games.

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