The Chowdaheadz Practice with The Patriots

On Wednesday, the Chowdaheadz attended the Special Season-ticket-holders only Patriots practice at Gillette Stadium. The team looks GREAT this year so it was exciting to check them out up close.  There were wayyy more people there than we were expecting.  Reports estimate 18,000 people showed up! It was more like a spectacle than a football practice.  It is obvious that the Kraft Family has built something special here.

Watch Brady throw a TD pass to Ochocinco


Jonathan Kraft gave a moving speech about how his father Robert Kraft guided the players and owners through the Lockout this summer during a tough time for their family.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady ran a seamless no-huddle offense down the field.  Fans sang Happy Birthday to Brady, who turned 34 yesterday.

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You could feel the energy in the air at Gillette last night.  Expectation are high this season.

It’s Superbowl or bust!

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