Kraft and Belichick Execute Phase 2 of World Domination Plan

I know it seems absurd to call a football Coach a Genius.  But if you look at what Bill Belichick does, it starts to seem less ridiculous.  In Michael Holley’s book “Patriot Reign” he explains the Belichickian process – including his overall business philosophy, player personel moves, coaching on the field etc.  What many people overlook is that the NFL is a $9 billion business, making it one of the largest and most significant entities on the planet.  So when Belichick is able to hustle the league Paul Newman in “The Sting“, you have to understand the magnitude of his accomplishments.

Don’t forget the Hoodie Majored in Economics at Wesleyan. This fact should explain why he is so focused on value moves. We have seen the Pats bring in guys like Corey Dillon and Randy Moss before, but this off-season the Hoodie seems to have moved to the next phase of his plan.

Tom Brady is in the prime of his career, but football players more so than any other athletes have a limited lifespan. With Brady turning 34 today, it is time to make a big push and bring in the best players around hime so he can win another title(s).

Albert Haynesworth, a guy with best-defensive-player-in-the-league type talent, was brought in for pennies on the dollar after the Washington Redskins paid most of his lucrative contract.  Chad Ochocino was acquired for a couple of late rounders that Belichick can easily spare given his stockpile of picks. Now I’m just waiting for the hoodie to announce that Lawrence Taylor is coming out of retirement to fill our pass-rush void. Seriously, what CAN’T these guys do?

Robert Kraft just finished saving the NFL, and days later the Pats were the most stacked team in the League.  Coincidence? I don’t think so.  You know Kraft and Belichick were meeting every day in between lockout talks

“OK Bill I’m gonna save football around next Tuesday, so Wednesday make the call to Washington and get Haynesworth up here.  Ochocinco is already on board, so just call Cincy and toss them some scraps from our draft pick surplus.”

When they held the press conference announcing the end of the lockout, Kraft called out congress for not being able to fix the debt crisis, sayign that the NFL lockout was a far more difficult problem to fix.  14 trillion dollar debt? Child’s play.  You watch, America, Kraft is going to solve the whole thing and run for President in 2016.  Belichick will be VP of course.  The capitol will be moved from Washington DC to Foxborough MA.  They will take down the Chinese and restore America as the world’s only Superpower while continuing to rack up Superbowl rings. When his 2 terms expire, Americans will vote to change our democratic system and elect Kraft as “Emperor of the Free World”.  A bold prediction? Maybe.  But nothing would surprise me at this point.

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