Red Sox – Yankees This Weekend, Bedard Replacing Buchholz?

As many expected, the Red Sox traded for Lefty Erik Bedard to fill out their rotation.  The move, which was completed just before Sunday’s trade deadline, seems even more necessary now, since the latest rumor is that Clay Buchholz will not return this season due to a fracture in his back.

Bedard has shown some serious skills in his career, so he definetly has the potential to earn a consistent spot in the rotation.  At first, many speculated that Bedard was a temporary fill-in for Buchholz.  But if Buchholz is indeed done for the year, Bedard will be a huge part of Boston’s quest for the World Series.

If Bedard stays healthy down the stretch, he has the talent to have a big impact for the Red Sox.

The Yankees travel to Boston on Friday for a 3-game series with the Sox.  The Red Sox have spanked New York so far this season, and another strong showing would ease concern about the moving parts within the Sox rotation.

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