Pats Grab Haynesworth in Moss Type Move

Will the Hoodie ever stop? Silly question. But still, after all these years, he still manages to surprise us. The Patriots have agreed to a deal that sends Albert Haynesworth to New England in exchange for a 5th round pick.

Haynesworth was one of the best players in the NFL while playing for the Tennessee Titans, but was a complete bust in Washington over the past 2 seasons after signing his $100 million contract.

The Pats have ripped off poorly-run teams before, like when they snagged Randy Moss from Oakland for a 4th rounder.

Since then, the Wahsington Redskins may have leapfrogged Oakland for worst-run team in the NFL.. They probably have the worst owner in the league. Which leads me to believe that Bill Belichick is yet again crushing the competition with his superior intellect.

I am listening to his Press conference right now, and he is deflecting questions about Haynesworth like a Jedi Knight with a Lightsaber (nerds below explain)


While the move may seem insane to some, keep in mind that most of Hayensworth’s monster deal has already been eaten by the idiotic Redskins. Plus, the rumor is there are conditions regarding his salary: meaning that if he acts like a prima donna he won’t get paid.

After 3 Superbowl Rings and arguably the best decade ever for an NFL franchise, I’d say the hoodie has earned our trust. Recall that when Bill took a gamble on the disgruntled Randy Moss, he came in and broke the single-season TD record en route to a perfect Regular Season.

In Bill We Trust

Some football players are very hot-headed individuals, which makes sense when your job is to physically annilhate the man inf front of you all day.  So when placed in a sloppy, awfully managed organization like the Redskins, they can’t function. However if you bring a guy like Haynesworth to the Patriots, the team leadership and coaching may be able to put him on the right rack.  Our D-line now appears to be: Ty Warren, Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth. Whoa.

Keep the faith, New England…because if this move works, it could be BIG. Randy Moss big.

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