Bruins Get to Work on Marchand Deal

The Little Lion Man of the Bruins will be back in Black and Gold.

“They know I want to be back here, and they want me back, so we’ll get something done”  the 23-year-old Marchand said.  Most famous for his scrappy play, Marchand was also a potent scorer, netting 11 goals during the post-season.  The overall influence of his attitude seemed to boost the B’s during their Stanley Cup run, especially when he was able to shut down the Canucks’ Superstars.


When asked why he pummeled Daniel Sedin’s face during this play, Marchand coyly replied “Cause I felt like it.”

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Brad Marchand is also famous for his wild partying following the Stanley Cup victory.  While the whole team made noise with their $150,000 bar tab at Foxwoods, Marchand made headlines by staying active in Boston nightlife.  All of these attributes have quickly made him a fan favorite.  Right now he is a free agent, but look for Marchand to come back for a 2-year deal at about $3 million per season.

Normally he would get a longer deal, but the NHL CBA expires in 2012.  At the very least, it seems Marchand will be back back in Boston next season.

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