Lockout, Lockout, One In, One Out

While the NFL appears to be closing in on a new collective bargaining agreement, it looks like the NBA is nowhere close to a new deal. That’s a problem for basketball fans, since the deadline for a a new CBA is Thursday night.

The difference is, one league is the best professional sports organization on earth, and the other is…the NBA.  It’s amazing to see a “Professional” League where the best players gang up on the weaker ones like they’re on the playground-

Then celebrate their victory before they even step on the court.

The NFL has the best sports product in America and therefore the world.  I’m aware that the other “football” is technically the most popular sport internationally, but it is run by corrupt shysters and full of whining, diving and faking.  Have you ever seen an NFL lineman flail and fall to the turf faking injury to draw a penalty? No. Because the NFL is a lightening fast battle of strength, skill and toughness.  You get no sympathy from the Refs for getting knocked down.  Stay on your feet, play hard, and win.

You can’t fake football.

But basketball, like soccer, has issues.  Who can forget Derek Fisher flopping and flailing around in last year’s NBA finals as the Lakers spent the last 6 minutes of game 7 on the free throw line en route to finals victory?

Or how about Chris Bosh making a mockery of the sport with this ridiculous flop.


But the biggest issue has nothing to do with what happens on the court.

The League is poorly run, the comissioner is a clown, and the players are WAY overpaid.

The NBA is losing money.  Reports have surfaced that the Milwaukee Bucs had to borrow $55 million fom the NBA last year just to stay afloat.  Something has got to give.  Obviously the players aren’t going to say, “Hey, we make too much money, take some back so we can fix the business model.”  So, there is only one solution.  The owners will lock out the players.

Don’t count on watching basketball this year.

That is especially unfortunate for Celtics fans, because our Big 3 is old, so losing a whole year could mean the end of an era in Boston.

But don’t panic New England, because Robert Kraft is still here.  After secret (sort of) meetings last week in Massachusetts, things have been looking up in regards to NFL negotiations.

Say what you will about Roger Goodell.  Maybe he plays God when it comes to player suspensions, and maybe he is softening the game with new rules, but he turned the NFL into a $10 Billion a year business, and he seems to be doing everythign he can to make sure that business continues this season.

He and NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith were seen shaking hands yesterday as talks move forward in a positive direction.  The NFL owners may be greedy, but they aren’t stupid.  Rumor has it they stand to lose $1 billion if there is no pre-season, so the two sides are rsuhing to complete a deal by mid-July so that does not happen.

A Rookie that was drafted by an NFL team told me that sides are close and they expect a deal to be done in the next 2 weeks.  I believe it, considering the money involved and the NFL’s outstanding track record as a business over the past decade.

It’s sad that we probably won’t get to watch the Celtics this year, but it looks like we’ll at least have the Patriots.  While basketball is fun, I won’t miss watching 82 meaningless games that lead up to a 3 month playoff  TOO much…as long as I can sit on my couch every Sunday glued to my TV for 8 hours watching every second of incredible NFL action.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Celtics, but if one of these Leagues has to disappear for a year,

I’m praying to the Sports Gods that it’s not football.

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