Big Baby Crying His Way Out Of Boston? Josh Smith On His Way In?

We all know Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis has done a lot for the Celtics franchise.  With the exception of this year, he has always elevated his game during the post-season when it mattered most.

This was never more true than 2 years ago when Kevin Garnett went down before the playoffs.   As Boston fans, we can not forget that.  He seems like fun guy, too.

As much as we have enjoyed having him on the team, it appears he may be headed for the exit.  Davis has been a very strong player off the bench, even emerging as a sixth man of the year candidate this season.

But Davis does not seem satisfied with his role on the team.  In an interview with WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan, Big Baby well..sort of whined like a baby:

“I need to be in a situation where I can be Glen Davis. If it’s here with the Celtics or with somebody else. I just want to make sure I’m Glen Davis…It just depends on the system, the people who are around the system. Who’s going to let Glen Davis be Glen Davis, not make Glen Davis something that they think he should be. Glen Davis is Glen Davis. Everyone knows who Glen Davis is. You’ve seen Glen Davis play the game like it’s supposed to be played.”

Worse yet, Davis said he was not mentally prepared heading into this year’s playoffs.  That is inexcusable, expecially considering this may have been the C’s last chance to win it all with the Big 3 nucleus.

Also consider, many draft experts think the Celtics will draft Maryland forward Jordan Williams with their first round pick.  Williams has a similar body type and style of play to Davis, and could fill his role immediately.

I understand that Big Baby could get more playing time on another team, but referring to himself in the third person and hyping his own talent makes him seem egotistical and off-base.  I am not going to hate on the guy, because he seems like a genuinely cool dude and I have enjoyed watching him play here.  But it seems like it’s time to go.

Meanwhile, ESPN Boston is reporting that Atlanta Hawks Forward Josh Smith has told friends that he would like to come to Boston.  There are all sorts of scenarios that involve trading Allen and/or Kevin Garnett in order to get the younger Smith.  As much as it hurts to think about, it may be time for the Celtics to overhaul the roster and rebuild.  It will be very interesting to see how this off-season unfolds, especially since aging stars like Shaq could not get the C’s over the hump in this year’s playoffs.  Changes are coming in Beantown, either this off-season or the next, when KG and Ray’s contracts are up.

I hate to say it, but now may be the time to move some pieces around and transition into the next era.

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