Vancouver Canucks just can’t learn to keep their mouths shut

When Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo came out after Game 5 with some comments regarding Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas and the goal he allowed that turned out to be the game winner, to say that eyebrows were raised by his words would be a vast understatement.

To Thomas’ credit, he did not respond. however Bruins coach Claude Julien and several of Thomas’ teammates did indeed take issue with what Luongo said.

Now, just after the Bruins’ thumping of the Canucks in Game 6, forward Daniel Sedin decided to pull a Broadway Joe Namath, guaranteeing that his Canucks will indeed win Game 7.

“We’re going to win Game 7,” Sedin told the Vancouver Sun.

“We’re 3-3 and we won all three games at home and we have the fourth game at home,” he said of the series, according to the report. “So we have the seventh game at home and we’ll take that. We are confident.”

Confidence is one thing–complete stupidity is another.

After Luongo’s statement, he allowed three goals in three minutes of the first period of Game 6, getting pulled in the process and causing questions as to whether or not he should start Game 7 for the Canucks.

Apparently Sedin didn’t heed the overall message.

The Bruins for their part have been silent, letting their play on the ice speak for them. And Brad Marchand certainly had no issue getting in Sedin’s face, so to speak, on the ice.

In any event, in just over 24 hours from now, Sedin will have the chance to try to back up his words, and the Bruins will try to continue speaking through their play on the ice.

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