Boston Bruins entering foreign territory on Wednesday night

After beating the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-1 on Monday night, the Boston Bruins are now just one win away from their first Stanley Cup final since 1990, foreign territory in and of itself. However, they will also have to do it on foreign ice.

Goalie Tim Thomas and the Bruins are just one win away from their first Stanley Cup final since 1990 (Photo credit bridgetds via Creative Commons license)

That may not sound so bad, however. Thus far in the postseason, the Bruins are 5-2 on the road, having won two games in Montreal, two in Philadelphia and one so far in Tampa. While home ice is generally an advantage, the Bruins clearly feel at home during these playoffs on foreign ice.

The intrigue surrounding their next road game, of course, is that they’re also playing for the chance to get to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 21 years.

Foreign territory all around, indeed.

However, this year’s roster of Bruins have shown that their overall game plays well on the road. Tight checking, stingy defense and quality goaltending can work well in any arena.

Goalie Tim Thomas refuses to look it the next game as that one win the Bruins need to get to the Stanley Cup finals, however.

“That isn’t what we need to focus on, or what I’m worried about, that we need one win to get to the Stanley Cup Final,’’ Thomas told Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe. “We just need to approach this the way we have for the whole playoffs — keep it simple.’’

Maybe Thomas isn’t looking at the next game like that, but every Bruins fan will be.

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