Boston Celtics: Danny Ainge promises changes for next season

WEEI Big Show host Glenn Ordway and Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge have a relationship that dates back to Ainge’s playing days, when Ordway sat beside the great Johnny Most in the radio booth as his analyst.

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The two are definitely chummy and gently tease each other, with Ainge referring to Ordway as “Glenny,” and Ordway getting his digs in when he can. But the two always provide entertaining talk on Ainge’s weekly appearance on Ordway’s Big Show, and during Ainge’s last appearance of the season on Thursday, he gave some insight into what next season may bring for the Celtics.

Ainge did not specifically rule out changes to the starting lineup, and did say that with the ages of the Big Three, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, they were aware that their roles will be different in the future.

“Knowing father time never loses, I think their being able to carry a team day in and out might be over,” Ainge said. “But their ability to be contributors to very good basketball teams is still there. we have to surround them with good players if we have any chance of winning a championship next year … ”

Ainge also said that his biggest regret was not the Kendrick Perkins trade, but the inability to re-sign Tony Allen.

“I would have fought harder to bring Tony Allen back,” Ainge said. “We tried to sign Tony, we tried to come within our rules of staying in our two-year program. I think that Tony would have helped us.

“We offered Tony a two-year deal out of the gate, but then when Memphis showed him some love and he started thinking about the idea of more playing time … Then, he wanted a change of scenery.”

Ainge also said that he would not rule out a trade of one of the Big Three, but only if the right deal came about.

Ainge sees Jeff Green being a contributor for the Celtics next season in a more significant role.

“Maybe there’s a change of roles. Maybe Paul comes off the bench, cuts down on his minutes. Maybe we find a way to get Jeff more minutes. His role will expand if he’s back here next year. There’s no question about that …”

In any event, there’s no question that changes will be coming down the pike for the Celtics, and Ainge will be tasked with getting creative to make those changes happen.

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Source: Boston Globe

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