Boston Red Sox: Gonzo finding his comfort zone

While the Boston Red Sox failed to reach the .500 mark on Tuesday night with their 7-6 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays in 10 innings, it was certainly through no fault of first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

Photo credit Keith Allison via Creative Commons license

When looking at the box score, one might think that Gonzalez was a right-handed hitter, as both of his home runs were hit to left field. However, part of the allure that prompted Sox general manager Theo Epstein to give up three promising prospects for Gonzo was his natural power to all areas of the ballpark.

Last night’s display was a sample of what Sox fans can expect for the next several years.

“I think it’s simply impressive,” shortstop Jed Lowrie told John Tomase of the Boston Herald. “A guy that’s able to drive the ball on tough pitches out over the plate, or even off the plate away, it’s pretty impressive.”

Gonzalez has been in a groove of late, hitting five home runs in his last eight games after going without a homer for over three weeks.

Count manager Terry Francona as one who has been impressed by Gonzalez as well.

“We’re seeing what everyone’s talking about,” Francona said. “He leverages the ball to left field and it looks like a right-handed hitter. The last at-bat he got fooled on a changeup, and it wasn’t close (to being a home run), but still. It’s unbelievable how that ball backspins. It’s fun.”

It would have been even more fun if it came with a Sox win.

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