Red Sox place Jenks and Wheeler on DL: Phantom injuries?

The Boston Red Sox announced that relievers Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler were both headed to the 15-day disabled list, and that Rich Hill and Scott Atchison were being called up from Pawtucket to replace them on the roster.

Jenks (biceps) and Wheeler (left calf) have both been absolutely horrid out of the bullpen in recent weeks, so is anyone else thinking that these “injuries” might be just a bit overblown?

Wheeler told the Boston Globe that the calf injury was not a factor in his poor performances of late.

I guess you have to give him credit for that statement, at least he didn’t use an injury as his excuse for stinking up the joint.

No word on whether or not Jenks was blaming his biceps for his inability to get anyone out.

Wheeler’s injury certainly appears to be real, as he has never been on the disabled list during his entire career, and he wasn’t happy about being sidelined at all.

On another note, Daisuke Matsuzaka made his first-ever relief appearance in the major last night. My guess is that may be his last.

Sox manager Terry Francona told Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe that they really didn’t want to go to Dice-K last night, but with Jenks cramping up in the bullpen and unable to go, they didn’t have a choice.

“The part that we felt a little more comfortable with was because it was his day to pitch. But there was nothing else to do,” Francona said. “It’s a very difficult thing.”

Francona also said it was unlikely that Matsuzaka would make his scheduled start on Friday, and the belief is that Alfredo Aceves will be called up from Pawtucket to make the start.

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