Bat Girl For Life

It was 2007, My daughter had been bugging me to go to a Sox game but as a single mom…the price for a ticket was hard to swing. She knew they were pretty expensive so she understood, but every passing year, she always hoped.
Eventually I got a great deal on some tickets. I threw the kid in the car and said that we were going to Boston to walk around Fenway because during the games they have vendors outside and it’s pretty fun. So she was super excited about just being at Fenways watching the activities. We painted her face and put Shilling’s number on her face in the parking garage, She LOVED Shilling.
We were on Yawkey Way and I kept walking towards the gate., I said “OK kiddo here’s where I tell you that we have tickets to watch the game so let’s go inside!”
She looked at me,  grabbed my arm….”OMG Mom…OMG…”.
Her legs went weak and she started to tear up. She was shaking and couldn’t believe that we were actually going inside!!
Once we made it through the initial security check…we were standing at the gate waiting for it to open. We started going up the ramp, then all of a sudden some guy is looking at us….”Bat Girl?”,  I laughed and said “Yeah right I wish!”.
He said “No, I am looking for a Bat Girl…does your daughter want to be one?!!!”
I said “OMG….Do ya kid?”
“Sure” she said!
So the guy goes “OK ladies……follow me down to the dug out!”
THAT…Is where I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. For Real ?!?!?!?! We were really going INTO THE DUGOUT !!?!?! As I walked onto the field….I was shaking so bad because I couldn’t believe I had infield dirt IN MY SHOES!.
As we moved into the dugout and I sat there….I could not believe that my rear end was sitting on the same plastic that Papi…Pedrioa…Youk…and Tek’s had touched. What a BEAUTIFUL site it was. So green. I stood there watching everyone warm up and said “Life is Good!” I actually cried. LOL
As they ran into the locker room with me 10 ft away…….My last thought was…….Holy CRAP Papi is one big Mo Fo!!! LOL

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