Boston Red Sox: Do demons need to be exorcised?

Your 2011 Boston Red Sox are now off to the worst start in franchise history. I think I can guarantee that no one in their right mind thought those words would ever be uttered.

Rays pitcher David Price was the Sox' demon on Tuesday night (photo credit spiderlegs via Photobucket)

Nonetheless, as one of Boston’s favorite coaches likes to say, it is what it is.

Tuesday night’s affair with the Tampa Bay Rays saw two of the league’s most feared left-handed pitchers up against each other, and it was as advertised. While Sox starter John Lester blinked in the fifth inning, allowing three runs, Rays starter David Price hung tough, lasting 7 2/3 innings before hitting Kevin Youkilis with his last pitch of the game.

It was the second straight quality start for Lester (0-1), allowing three runs on seven hits, striking out eight and walking two in his seven innings of work.

On any other night, with a vaunted offense behind him, Lester would have walked off with a better result. But Price is no slouch, either.

“We were facing one of the better guys in the league tonight, just like they were,” Boston manager Terry Francona told the Associated Press. “We didn’t go into the game thinking we we’re going to knock him around the ballpark.”

Sox outfielder Mike Cameron said that it’s not magic, the Sox just need to execute better.

“Nobody’s worried about our record right now. We’re all concerned with playing better baseball. Everyone knows what the record is. It comes down to execution more than anything else. We just haven’t done that consistently right now. We’re just fighting, trying to get that part of it.”

So, while the fans in Red Sox Nation may be calling on Father Damien Karras to exorcise whatever demons are possessing the Red Sox, the players themselves will simply be working on executing and playing better baseball.

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