A decade long Colorado Sox Fan

Fan Comments: Well, it was about 1999. I was 15 and was wearing an Arizona Diamondbacks hat. I was never a fan, but my grandparents bought it for me. I was in high school and a buddy asked if the ‘A’ stands for asshole. Typical stupid teenage humor. I was at the mall shortly after that and saw a Sox hat. I Laughed a little and said I’ll buy it and see if my buddy would think it stood for bitch. When I had the Arizona hat, I paid no attention to them, nor had the desire.

Something happened with the Boston hat. I became obsessed. Been stuck since. I have never been into a team the way I’m into the sox. It has been over ten years now and I’ll be a fan for life. A die hard fan! By the way, I’m from Colorado. Went to all three games that the Sox we! re here in 2004. Then game three of the ws in 07. It is my dream to catch a game at fenway. The joys of being poor. I do save money every year so I can order extra innings from comcast so I can see as many games as I can.


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