Red Sox say goodbye to City of Palms Park

On Tuesday afternoon, after 19 spring seasons, the Boston Red Sox played their final home game at City of Palm Park in Fort Myers, FL.

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8,015 fans who were in attendance saw the Sox tie the Tampa Bay Rays, 1-1 in a nine-inning game. It was the 15th sellout in 16 games for the Sox this spring, and next spring they will open their state-of-the-art spring facility in Lee County.

By virtue of an eight-year sponsorship agreement, the new spring home for the Red Sox will be named JetBlue Stadium, and will seat 11,000 fans.

The stadium itself will feature the same exact dimensions as Fenway Park, will have its own “Green Monster” with fan seating both behind and on top of the wall, and the complex itself will feature six practice fields, and a brand new Player Development complex.

The logistics at City of Palms Park were a bit tough for the Sox over the years, as their minor league was situated two miles away. The new complex provides all needed amenities and services within the same complex, and JetBlue will commit annual money in order to fund improvements to the facility itself.

The facility will also its own version of “Yawkey Way,” a street designed to act as an extension of the facility’s concourse with added concessions and daily entertainment.

The lease for the land where the facility is being built ensures that the Red Sox will stay in the Lee County area for at least the next thirty years, and the opening of the new facility next spring coincides with the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park as well.

The complex will also be used by Lee County for many different events throughout the year, including amateur baseball tournaments and soccer tournaments as well.

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