Red Sox 25 Man Roster: Is it the Best in Baseball?

When Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein went to work this offseason to rebuild the Red Sox for the upcoming season, he had two major goals in mind: improve the offense and add pitching depth.

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The end result is that the 2011 Boston Red Sox will arguably have the best 25-man roster in all of baseball.

There is only one goal for the Red Sox, and it’s the same goal each season: winning the World Series. After last year’s disappointing third place finish in the American League East, and having to fight through key injuries to over half of its starting lineup, the Sox and Epstein spend considerable dollars in the offseason, signing free agent left fielder Carl Crawford to a seven-year, $142 million contract, and trading for the services of first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, who will be agreeing to a long term contract sometime after Opening Day.

Epstein also added depth in the bullpen, signing Chicago White Sox closer Bobby Jenks, Tampa Bay Rays reliever Dan Wheeler, and adding Matt Albers and Dennys Reyes, giving the bullpen a much needed lift after struggling in 2010.

Add to that the defense that Crawford and Gonzalez bring to their positions, and the 2011 Red Sox certainly look like a team that improved in all areas.

While the Philadelphia Phillies are the flavor of the month right now in terms of power rankings, one could easily argue that from one through 25, the Red Sox are deeper and have the parts in place to easily contend for the world championship once again.

Then again, the game of baseball is not played on paper.

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